Working mama drama

‘How are you?’ they ask me.

‘I’ve not seen you for a while.

I hope your little girls okay.’

They offer with a smile.

‘Much better thanks, she’s on the mend.’

‘That’s great. I’ll keep it short.

I know you’re catching up

but have you finished that report?’

Yes, everything’s completed,

I worked til half ten last night.

I may have fell asleep once

but I think it should be right.

I captured all the data

between calpols one and two

and I updated the spreadsheet

after tackling a poo.

I dialled into the conference call

while she had an early nap

and took notes on further actions

with her sprawled across my lap.

Apologies for the late replies

I’m usually much quicker.

She wouldn’t take her medicine

without a Peppa sticker.

I updated the forecasts

and calculated cost

once I’d read her favourite story

of a teddy bear that’s lost.

I saw your instant message

and heard the little beep

but I was muzzying her forehead

so that she could go to sleep.

I didn’t mean to put three kisses

in my e-mail to the team.

I’d missed breakfast, lunch and dinner

and been up since five fifteen.

I know your report was urgent

And I’ve done the best I can

but it took a while longer

as she wanted to hold hands.

I’ve prioritised my workload

and as far as I can tell

the most important item

is my daughter being well.

So thanks for asking after her

and showing your concern.

I’m off to be a mum now

I’ll reply on my return.


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